The Power of collective vision transformed into positive action
OurEarth Summit 2020

The Power of collective vision transformed into positive action
OurEarth Summit 2020

Our Summit

OurEarth Summit 2020 brings together leading organisations, groups and individuals involved in earth repair and restoration – addressing massive problems such as water quality & scarcity, ocean acidification, overfishing, deforestation, air pollution, climate change, unsustainable energy, destructive military intervention, unsafe habitats, and many more. There are thousands of organisations already involved in resolving these problems piece by piece, but no unified global platform.

NOW is the time to combine our efforts to maximise best practices, minimise duplication, share knowledge & resources and create PLANS that reflect global intelligence and collectively transcend political borders to produce rapid change.

We invite global Thought Leaders in all sectors & spheres of Earth Repair to collaborate in developing Master Plans for affecting rapid positive change on our planet.

Flags for the world, created by Benny Zable

OurEarth Summit 2020 will showcase countries demonstrating leadership in key areas, such as Costa Rica, Bhutan, Denmark and Canada – as shining examples of how government, NGOs, groups, communities and individuals can work together to create a safer and more sustainable world. We now have instant access to critical global data allowing us to identify issues, monitor activities and measure improvements worldwide. Performance measured is key to performance improved.

Re-allocating 10% of all military spending will fund a vast array of earth repair projects, with armies of workers to create a balanced planet and healthy biosphere.

We intend to identify, lobby, pressure and collectively persuade the actual people that determine military spending in their countries to re-allocate at least 10% of expenditures to help OurEarth reach practical goals to improve Life for all people and cultures.

When and Where?
OurEarth Summit is planned to be held in August 2020, with on-land and online components for maximum attendance and interaction. A coordinated sequence of presentations, workshops, planning sessions, meetings and mixers will be available to all attendees, with Action Plan steps commencing during the event.

Various conference venues are likely in Byron Bay Australia, Costa Rica, Canada, Scandinavia or Bhutan – with coordinated online activities linking all locations and events. Further information will be provided by the Council as our Movement grows and gathers momentum.

Who can Attend?
Progressive leaders, companies, NGO’s, groups, communities and individuals concerned about making rapid positive change on Planet Earth are invited to attend and contribute ideas, solutions, energy, time, resources, technologies, knowledge, wisdom and practical solutions.

Sustainable enterprise, social media networks, science & technology centres, organic and permaculture institutes, health & wellbeing advocates, environmental law activists, new energy companies, alternative building and transportation, humanitarian and relief organisations, citizen action groups and numerous others will co-create and participate in dynamic planning sessions.. sharing information and initiating regional and global Action Plans.

Summit Charter
OurEarth Summit 2020 will identify and activate the most advanced global technologies including free energy, water creation, hydrogen power, electrics, sustainable growing and building systems and others necessary to create a vibrant biosphere and healthy planet.

Participants are invited to showcase their ideas & innovations, open to collaboration with other projects that leverage their effectiveness and speed to market. An ‘open source’ approach to problem solving and reaching goals will be used – we’re planet hacking!

Guided by a central Vision proposed by the OES Council, the Summit will organically yet exponentially explore, resolve and put into action precisely the actions that will affect rapid positive change.