It is now a Global Imperative that human beings cooperate and leverage every means possible to bring planet Earth into balance

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NOW is the time to join OurEarth movement, to volunteer any amount of time, energy, talent and resources you can for the benefit of current and future generations.

Our planet has reached a crisis mode, with natural and man-made conditions stretching the Biosphere beyond limits of organic recovery. We must TAKE ACTION NOW, harnessing the vast resources of government, military,  NGO and public sectors in a highly coordinated and efficient operation of repair, recovery and renewal on all fronts.

This not only can be done, but is the most urgent, compelling challenge facing humanity as a species.

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From the film ‘Rise of the EcoWarriors’ by Cathy Henkel

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OurEarth is a grass-roots organisation currently funded by a small group of dedicated founders and members working tirelessly to launch a global movement. No one receives a salary, but in order to grow and expand into an effective movement, we need full-time and part-time staff members in many areas of leadership, communication and administration.

We invite you to contribute any amount you feel inspired to offer – from one dollar to thousands – and also commit to a regular monthly donation that will enable our team to expand into all areas of endeavour, such as lobbying military spending or promoting Earth Repair actions like our Water Protector project. Thanks in advance!

Funds are held in Trust to develop and promote OurEarth goals only.