OurEarth community members work with a Council of Elders and Stewards  to manager key functions for OurEarth. The Council plans and reports back to the community, coordinating activities for maximum efficiency and greater impact.

Plenary Panel at Uplift Festival, Byron Bay, Dec 2014   photo: Christopher Dean

Our Council

A Guiding Council is established to coordinate logistics and advise OurEarth members.  A voluntary Secretariat coordinates and communicates all activities online to all members. The OE Council has authority to act in the spirit of this charter.

Our Council so far

Christopher Dean
Founder of Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil, (TP Health ltd), past Chair of Complementary Healthcare Council, Organic India, and NR Community Foundation. Winner Telstra Business Star, current delegate to research advisory board, Eden BDM Ltd –bringing sustainable power and energy storage to the people.

Lou CasaBianca
Lou’s Social Benefit Ecopreneur activities are supported by his skills as a professional Author, Director, Developer, Musician & Educator. STEAMTEAM initiatives serve global poor urban & indigenous youth of color, girls & women; CareForces protects the planet & the planet’s protectors WiSEGUiDES through repurposing the military complex infrastructure, leveraging CRO resilient city strategies & NEW PARADiGM WORLD solutions.

bio highlights here: http://tinyurl.com/h6xnz8b

Simon Richardson (Mayor Byron Shire)
As Mayor, Simon has long been committed to helping create a truly sustainable Byron Shire that values its ecosystem, its community, and its ability to advocate for solutions to meet global challenges. Simon was a delegate to the Paris Global Warming Conference and is active in many projects to make a better world.

Brijbala (Anna Jahns)
Brijbala brings diverse experience in spiritual social activism, networking and event management. She’s a former contributing editor to Kindred Magazine and consultant with Organic India and Uplift Festivals. She has a background in social media and marketing and brings over 25 years of retreats, courses and events for conscious living around the world.

Jeannine Sanderson
Jeannine is a Professional Speaker who has lead workshops and seminars internationally for 20 years. She is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Child and Youth Worker, Hypnosis Instructor and Author. Jeannine is passionate about working with people to create positive transformation through awakening their true potential buried within their subconscious mind.

Narada Firebird Vantari
Narada is a freelance Web Project Manager with a background as a former Australian junior chess champion, artist, musician, writer, and Sacred Geometer. He seeks to use his diverse skills and knowledge of cutting edge web technologies to facilitate humanity’s survival and transition to a new golden age.

Helena Norberg-Hodge
Pioneer of the New Economy Movement and recipient of the Alternative Nobel and Goi Peace prize. Author of “Ancient Futures”, producer of “The Economics of Happiness” and director of Local Futures.

Kana Lea
Kana is Founder and CEO of Global Impact Group, a purpose-led social enterprise committed to co-creating the next era of leadership for systemic positive world change. A number of initiatives include Purpose500, Virtue100, Sacred Earth Parliament, World Wisdom Circles, Global Institute of Leadership, Worldbridgers and Make A Difference Fund.

Cathy Henkel
Cathy is an award-winning documentary producer/director and founded Virgo Productions to produce inspiring, positive, global stories for multi-platform delivery. Her credits include The Burning Season and Rise of the Eco-Warriors. She was named SPA Documentary Producer of the Year (2009). She is currently Director of WA Screen Academy in WA.

The Hon. Richard Jones
Born in Epsom UK 1940 and came to Australia in 1962. He was first convenor of Friends of the Earth in 1972, co-founded Greenpeace Australia in 1978, and founded Fund for Animals in 1980. He is Publisher and editor of Simply Living Magazine, was elected as a NSW Member of the Legislative Council from 1988-2003, and Currently full time ceramicist and lifelong environmentalist.

Zen Joseph
Branding and marketing innovator, Zen helped establish New Zealand as a Nuclear Free Zone in the late 1960s, packaged the New Age Music industry in the 70’s and 80’s, co-founded NZ-based EON Foundation and has served numerous others.

Brett Elliott
Brett is the founder of First Planet, a project developer dedicated to removing financial and structural barriers that limit the development of impact companies. A preferred supplier to the Office of Environment and Heritage, consultancy includes designing stakeholder engagement strategies that bring diverse groups to a shared vision and consensus to act.

Mary Gardener
Mary Gardner is a writer, biologist and photographer, contributing articles about local ecology for the Echo since 2007. In Oct 2016, Southern Cross University granted her a PhD for her research in the historical marine ecology of the subtropics, focusing on Byron Shire. Her special interest is the history of marine animals and people in this place over the past six thousand years.

Previously, she trained and worked in Aotearoa/New Zealand for twenty years. In the summer of 2006, she also trained in the Netherlands on scholarship with the EU programme Living Knowledge, in the field of community based ecological research.

Pratima Sephton
Pratima has a BA Hons in Philosophy. She started the handicraft industry of beadwork in Bali, Indonesia which now employs thousands of women working from their homes.
She is the Australian Emissary of the physicist Nassim Haramein and gives multi media presentations on rewriting our ancient history and other topics.

Dan Schreiber
Dan is a neo gnostic, earth imagineer, meta bio harmonic system analyst and designer. Born in South Africa, he studied life sciences at Cape Town university majoring in zoology and marine biology.
His interest in plant entheogens started in the late eighties and was accelerated while hosting talks with Terrence McKenna in his studio in London in 1991. In 2000, after visiting the jungles of Peru and drinking ayahuasca with the Shipibo he returned to Australia to research indigenous plants for deep healing, divination and vision and later returned to the Amazon to learn from the Secoya elders about life, death and yagė (yaahey).

His love of plants, gardens and living systems inspired him to begin Starseed Gardens in 2003 with the design quest from Bill McDonough of ‘How do we love all the children of all species for all time?’

Eli Johnson
Eli Johnson is the director and co-founder of the Kindred Youth foundation. His passion is empowering people and youth to live from the heart and to live their dreams. Eli is a youth worker, massage therapist, father and facilitator. Eli dreams of a world connected by virtue of connection.