Never underestimate the power of one person’s conviction to transform the world

Never underestimate the power of one person’s conviction to transform the world

Our Plans

Skills and Functions required

  1. Communications team
  2. Web Coordination
  3. Military Planning advisor
  4. Military lobbyists
  5. Administrative Support (secretariat)
  6. Crowd funding team
  7. Directorate of OurEarth Global Summit 2020
  8. NGO coordinator
  9. Government lobbyists
  10. Publicity
  11. Legal Counsel
  12. Principal coordinator

Current Action Plan

  1. Establish online platform and social media presence
  2. Create and launch crowd-funding campaign
  3. Invite global thought-leaders & organisations to actively participate
  4. Set up OECouncil
  5. Chart critical path program for years 1, 2, 3
  6. Set up team to create OurEarth Global Summit
  7. Petition government / military sectors with skilled lobbyists
  8. Host visioning workshops for organizers and activists
  9. Coordinate press and Publicity releases
  10. Hold mass global public events to galvanize vision into ACTION

Inform and involve key individuals about the Goals of OES-2020. Spread the message into the heart of your decision makers, and link up with the many thousands of organisations working for positive change on this planet. Become the champion for your group or community. Harness and extend the power of this mass movement.

Adopt this Charter in alignment with your organization’s unique goals. Your organisation connects and interacts with OurEarth community as a participating member, sharing its plans, needs and progress. These are matched with other individuals and groups to simultaneously expedite change in your chosen area.

Lobby for re-deployment of military spending and task forces by country. Government leaders are encouraged and pressured to change policies regarding National Security. Direct appeals, petitions, protests and actions are coordinated across the globe on key dates. OurEarth members are invited to participate in non-violent creative lobbying and active intervention with key decision makers.

Engage regular online and on-land connectivity to stimulate viral growth through a dispersed network with a global agenda for the ‘highest good’.