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OurEarth Day Summit 2018
Celebration Event & Conference
September 22, 2018.

OurEarth Day Summit 2018 has two connected goals:

• We are partnering with other organizations and thought leaders to develop local solutions and inspire a global movement to support, sustainability, resilience and planetary regeneration.

We propose that at least 10% of annual community and military budgets be re-deployed to fund regenerative solutions that meet the challenges of climate change, seal level rise, socioeconomic inequality and forced population migration.

Join OurEarth and help us bring resilient solutions to your Community.

ALL are welcomed to contribute ideas, projects, products, services, resources and direct support to help us create a safer,
resilient and more sustainable world.


OurEarth to announce OurEarth Magazine,
a new electronic publication supporting its strategic mission to bring critical knowledge regarding new standards, best practices and
emerging technology resilient solutions.

On November 8, 2017, OurEarth joined the
AIAA (Australia Indonesia Art Alliance) and other participants in promoting and sharing Indonesian Culture — and looking at community and regional options for
climate change and
sea level rise resilient solutions —
OurEarth provided focus on emerging new paradigm “wealth management” approaches to developing current and future regeneration technology platforms, training, standards, employment and funding options.

: At the Inaugural Unfuck the World Activist Awards held In Byron Shire on Saturday 10th June 2017 and by popular vote OurEarth took first and third place.

First place went to WaterCare – Byron Shire, an initiative started by Dr. Mary Gardner and presented by Pratima Sephton. The Glittering Rockwiz themed awards presentation was beautifully organized by Genevieve Lee and Paul Joseph of The Ngara Institute and “Beyond the Pub.”
The Byron-based WaterCare project is set to scale across shires throughout Australia.
We look forward to seeing great steps unfold this coming year as this project becomes firmly established with widespread support from local community, business and council.

Third Place was also awarded to The OurEarth Ecoversity initiative. It was agreed by all finalists to share the prize money with the “Welcome Home” project for Housing for the Homeless which achieved 2nd place.

Resilient Solutions

OurEarth ran a forum to develop deep resilience within the Byron Shire on May 11, 2017. The recent major floods was used to stimulate the thinking in the forum to consider what will be necessary to develop deep resilience solutions. More than 160 valuable ides were raised by the attentive participants. These will be shared with all key stakeholders. There will be a link to share this information soon.

Water Awareness in our own backyards. Here in Byron Bay, the OurEarth and Byron Residents Groups joined forces to complete a community-based investigation to identify ‘Hotspots’ in Byron Bay. The results of the hotspots survey were on display March 25 along with water awareness tips for evaluating the health and vitality of water ways. How much do you know about waterways in the Shire? Want to see the results of the Hotspots surveys so far? Or participate in the next community based assessment in your area? See and tune into our FB page for updates
Dr. Mary Gardner spoke on
Water Sensitive Coastal Living on March 25.
Event /Byron Bay wetlands-open-day Sat. 25 March.

OurEarth community members vote to elect a Council of Elders that manage key functions. The Council plans and reports back to the Community of change agents, coordinating activities for maximum efficiency and social impact, amplifying each group’s core focus
for greater impact.


New Earth Army Commander’s Jim Channon explains

Iraq For Sale: the War Profiteers – Brave New Films

OurEarth Online and OurEarth Magazine provide a strategic network offering insightful, instructive and inspiring videos, articles and information by the world’s authorities and thought leaders, innovators and activists.

Find out about projects, processes and opportunities to GET INVOLVED in helping develop OurEarth to family, friends and colleagues. Help us to help you develop the analysis and action plans to bring about the critical changes needed.


‘Our prime purpose in
this life is to help others’

His Holiness the Dalai Lama